Has DCF opened an investigation on your children or family?

Are you an interested party in dependency or termination of parental rights? Lakeland and Central Florida based Legally Modern Law Group LLC handles dependency and termination of parental rights and can help you fight for your children and your rights under the law.

If you are the middle of a DCF investigation or are a family member or parent in the middle of these proceedings concerned about the children involved, you will greatly benefit from an attorney skilled in the nuances of juvenile law; dependency and termination proceedings that is.

Court appointed attorneys are rarely, if ever, interested in maintaining communication or exploring the factsof your case, and many of our clients come to our office having never received a single call or update from their court appointed attorney.

Because so few attorneys practice in this area of law, it is very important to have one who has dealt with these cases and understands the details of juvenile law. Often times, case plans can be negotiated, investigations can be ended, and reunification can be attained.

Under other circumstances, you may be an extended family member, such as a grandparent, uncle, or aunt wishing to intervene or even a parent who is not the subject of the current investigation and needs to know what is going on.

It is usually possible to intervene with counsel to ensure the court is aware there are other family members with an interest and ability to care for the children. We can even file an adoption action to coincide with a termination of parental rights action.